TBA (solo exhibition)
Santa Cruz, CA

01 Montage
02 Blood: A Proposal for a Film
03 Misfired Empathy/Eight Minutes
04 Index 01
05 No Longer a Soundtrack 

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Title TBA
Santa Cruz, CA


01  Interior Monologues
02 The Last Picture Show
03 Slices of Life
04 Montage
05 Blood: A Proposal for a Film 
06 Misfired Empathy/Eight Minutes
07 Index 01 
08 No Longer a Soundtrack 
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Blood: A Proposal for A Film 

Asha Sheshadri & Julian Irlinger

Sangt Hipolyt
Bellermanstr. 79
D-13357 Berlin

Documentation of Sound Recordings

Photographs by Burkhard Beschow

A Proposal For A Film

The point of departure is a correspondence between at least two individuals. These individuals will be the main actors in the film that will be following the proposal. Their bodies and names remain absent. The proposal is entirely produced from the actor's memories, in the form of material that the filmmaker is able to access: recorded sound, images and text.

The proposal sets the foundation for the film. It can be executed in different forms by the filmmaker, but it should include material sourced from the actors. It doesn't need an agenda or a narrative. A title chosen by the filmmaker provides a direction for further interpretation of the proposal.

The actors don't have to be professionals. In fact, they don’t need to be aware of their participation; and perhaps they will never even know that they appeared anywhere in the proposal. The actors are chosen by the filmmaker through a simple method: The filmmaker pinpoints a spot on a map where the actor will be chosen. The filmmaker then pinpoints another spot from which another actor is chosen, and so on.

The relation and function of the respective parties is flexible, i.e. filmmakers can be actors. Also, a proposal can be made by several filmmakers.