Hello there! I’m a UX Researcher & Designer currently based in New York, NY.

With my background in interdisciplinary art and writing, I use research to build fictional and non-fictional narratives from the past and present.  My interests in the aesthetics of psychology and complexities of human behavior are what drew me into UX, and I haven’t looked back! 

I feel most at home in the “messy middle” -  jumping between research, design and testing. This allows me to fully apply my understanding of how language and visuals interact with each other. I enjoy collaborating to spot and solve problems creatively, and believe that empathy is essential to build and sustain effective solutions. 

You’ll likely find me laboring over a crossword puzzle, drawing in Prospect Park, or spending quality time with my two cats, Yoshi & Kirby.

Let’s work together! Drop me a line at sheshadri.asha@gmail.com.